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Strange Markets: Comedian Bloggers, Bitcoin & Precious Metals /  February 26, 2013

Strange times are upon us. In Italy, a famous comedian blogger who was found guilty of manslaughter in a car accident, killing three people, has led his party, The Five Star Movement, to international headlines as the underdog in Italy. Where fore?  In a nation where Communism was once bred in the 1950s by The Agency, people are just sick of seeing the same damned faces. Sound familiar?

Strange markets are upon us, as international indices hand Wall Street its worst losses of the year. Last week, the folly began, affecting even the safehaven play precious metals across the board.  Red is the story of the day.

I mean, for God’s sake, even Bitcoin is starting to take a turn for the worse! Up over 50% in February, Bitcoin spent the weekend “consolidating” if one can call it that. Up over $30, Bitcoin could hold as the truest safehaven asset amidst all this bad trip Kafka-Orwell-Yevgeny Zamyatin weirdness.

Wait, was that a comedian blogger whose party captured 25% of the vote as of Monday evening?  The Republicans and Democrats over in the US are getting dressed up in tuxedos and un-working together.  Mighty fine job they’re doing at it. Like an insomniac, numb to the urgency of deadline, they’ll get to it later.