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California goes Full Bore Polish Pistol

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GOVERNOR_MOONBEAM / By John Galt / February 28, 2013 20:55 ET

Really California? I know you elected Governor Moon Beam because pot was legal and y’all can get so wasted that your brain cells melt together into a funky cinnamon flavored tapioca pudding, but this one almost takes the cake (sorry, bad phrasing, I know y’all get the munchies all the time out there):

It’s official: Gas tax going up

The story at the link above from the San Diego Times Union really blows my mind. The idiots in California are going to raise gasoline taxes 10% (approximately 3.5 cents) at a time when their state is floundering on the edges of a major economic depression and transportation and manufacturing interests outside of the state and within are looking to relocate or pare back service to mitigate losses.


Thanks to BrotherJohnF