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French Raiding Internet Companies in Search oF Accounts & Money

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Philip-IV-France / By Martin Armstrong / 

The French tax Gestapo has raided the french subsidiaries of eBay, Paypal, Google, Amazon, and even LinkedIn (LinkedIn France SAS) in Paris. The French tax Gestapo over the last couple of months have raided many large US multinationals looking for money and French using their systems and emails, They fail to undetrstand all they are doing is now chasing out the foreigners. You have to be nuts to have an office in France any more.

It was Philip IV (1285-1314) of France who also needed money desperately and began to attack the Italian merchants operating in France. In 1291, Philip IV arrested all the Italian merchant-bankers and extorted huge fines from them in return for a right to do any business In France. The French seizure of Italian bankers led the Pope to recall a significant  portion of the papal tax revenues that were on deposit with the leading Italian Merchant bankers – the Riccardi. This clearly placed the Riccardi in a downward trend from which they did not recover.


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