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Who Will Win the Electric Car Prize?

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Henrik Fisker has quit as executive chairman of Fisker Automotive, the plug-in hybrid car company he founded in 2007. A dispute with other executives over a survival strategy for the struggling start-up led to his departure. A former designer for BMW, Ford and Aston Martin, Fisker created the high-style Karma, a $100,000-plus plug-in luxury car with a backup gasoline engine similar to the powertrain of the Chevrolet Volt. But the company has been beset by problems: It sought investors and infusions of cash to stay afloat. Though the company is based in California, the cars were built by a contract manufacturer in Finland. Only about 2,500 Karmas have been made, and production has been suspended. Talks reportedly have included Chinese auto companies, including Volvo owner Zhejiang Geely. – USAToday

Dominant Social Theme: A setback, but electric cars are the wave of the future.

Free-Market Analysis: We’ve written about electric cars quite a bit because it is such an obvious elite meme. There is no use for electric cars that we can see, no clamor for them. But nonetheless they have been rolled out in endless waves accompanied by great grants of federal dollars.

These cars have been accompanied by tremendous adulation as well. Thousands of articles have been written celebrating them even though the reasons for the celebrations are minimal, indeed.

These cars have little or no range and thus need recharging often, are often sloppily made and cramped from carrying gigantic batteries onboard.

We’ve written this is a kind of meme, sponsored by government money and climate change zealots. We’ve also predicted that the whole electric car fad will likely die down again unless significant breakthroughs are realized. We’ve focused especially on the Fisker Karma, and you can see our articles here:

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As Predicted, Electric Cars Foundering: GM Shuts Down the Volt

Now it appears that company’s founder is leaving Fisker – amidst reports that the company has suspended production. Competitor Tesla just announced it was pushing back production of a new model as well. Here’s more from the USA Today article:


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