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EU Bee-Killing Pesticide Ban Crumbles Under Corporate Interests / By Activist / March 17, 2013, 11:01 AM

It was January of this year that the European Food Safety Authority turned heads with their confirmation that neonicotinoids – insecticides derived from chemicals related to nicotine – are a smoking gun in the massive bee die off – also known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

Multiple around-the-world studies and documentaries have implicated these pesticides in massive bee death since 2006, causing a great debate in the EU. Activists, environmentalists, scientists and even politicians were shocked and dismayed that the two-year ban suggested by the European Commission didn’t pass on Friday.

Major countries like UK and Germany failed to back the ban in the vote, arousing suspicions that they catered to industry interests – manufactures Bayer and Syngenta, and Big Ag groups in denial.

Hungary and Romania led the opposed votes. Outspoken activist group Avaaz (dot org) finds the UK public wants this ban. A poll on Wednesday showed three-quarters of the UK supporting the ban and Avaaz amassed 2.5 million signatures across Europe.