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This Week in Money with Guests: Danielle Park, and David Smith – March 30, 2013

from MoneyandWealth Danielle Park – Week in Europe, markets. David Smith – Gold, silver, precious metals. Produced by Tweet

Slovenia Cuts Growth Forecast as Bail-Out Fears Grow

Fears that Slovenia will become the next eurozone nation to need a bail-out have been fuelled by a sharp cut to the country’s growth forecasts by the government’s economic institute. by Denise Roland Slovenian GDP is set for a deeper-than-expected 1.9pc contraction this year, compared with an earlier estimate of 1.4pc, according to official […]

Does Your Kid Want to Be a Journalist?

by Rick Ackerman A degree in journalism is the worst college investment you can make, according to Fresh out of college, your kid could expect to earn $37,393 working as a reporter. That would add up to a measly $2.2 million over a 30-year career, for a return on one’s college dollar of […]

Showing Your Light to the World

from stefbot The Freedomain Radio Sunday Philosophy Call in Show, March 31st, 2013 0:30 — Common Law Clarification 3:20 — Cyprus Banks, Electronic Transfers and the Keystone Cops 6:35 — Bonus Podcast and Documentary Update 9:40 — Resistance to Therapy / Training for Adulthood 48:45 — Teaching UPB to Children 1:10:00 – Showing Your Light […]

Mandatory Gun Insurance

by Eric Peters Eric Peters Autos It took “conservative” Republicans to trot out mandatory and market-based health insurance in the same mouthful. Don’t ever forget to thank them for this. Well, it’s time for the next step: Mandatory gun insurance – also “market based” and “incentivized,” of course. Here it comes, directly from one of […]

Chart of the Week: SP500

Chart of the Week Video: SP500 This week’s Chart of the Week goes to the SP500 for making a new all time closing high.   In its march towards these all time highs, the US equity markets have defied all of the skeptics, have steam rolled all of the naysayers, and have rendered every metric to […]

Tax on Deposits Means Stealing Your Money-Gerald Celente Gerald Celente of The Trends says the Cyprus banking crisis is coming to America. Celente explains, “Tax on deposits? Can any adult say stealing your money?” What about the recent lackluster performance of gold and silver? Can it still protect you? Celente says, “Suppose you can’t get your money out of the banks. […]

GReaTeR FooL’S DaY 2013…

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So What Part of NY Courts R Corrupt You Did Not Understand? / By Martin Armstrong / March 31, 2013 On Friday, U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald in Manhattan ruled for the banks, gutting lawsuits about LIBOR manipulation. Judge Buchwald’s nickname is “Buckwild” and she is very much part of the New York crowd. So what part about the court in New York being the most corrupt […]

Europe’s Last Green Shoot Is Wilting / By Tyler Durden / 03/30/2013, 17:43 Germany, it seems, has had enough with its taxpayers implicitly bearing the burden of the rest of Europe’s profligacy as the final solution chosen for Cyprus clearly shows (especially in light of pending German elections). But with all that ‘stabilitee’ based on one nation’s shoulders, the following chart suggests […]