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Terrible Costs of a ‘Modern Economy’

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900,000 choose to come off sickness benefit ahead of tests … Nearly 900,000 people who were on incapacity benefit dropped their claim to the payments rather than undergo a tough medical test, latest government figures show. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: In order to catch malingerers we need a stern paternalism.

Free-Market Analysis: When large democracies create state mandates they will inevitably be exploited. Now it appears that nearly a million in Britain were taking advantage of sickness-related benefits that they were not eligible for.

This figure is arrived at via reports that 878,300 “decided not to have an official assessment of whether they were fit for work.” The Telegraph informs us this was more than a third of the total number of people claiming sickness-related benefits. Here’s more:

The statistics also revealed that some claimants cited conditions such as “blisters”, “sprains and strains” and “acne” as preventing them from having a job.

More than 46,120 people claimed incapacity benefit because of “behavioural disorders due to the use of alcohol” while 29,130 claimants cited drug use.

Ministers said the figures showed the full extent of how millions had been “trapped on welfare” for decades.

Grant Shapps, the Conservative Party chairman, said the old system was “evil” and accused Labour of using sickness benefits to “hide the unemployed” when the party was in power.


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