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FSN: Goldman Refuses To Give Up Its Grip On Canada: Goldman Partner To Be Next US Ambassador To Canada

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from Zero Hedge

With the departure of Goldman’s Mark Carney from the Bank of Canada, some were concerned, actually concerned may not be the right word here: delighted may be better, that the northern country is finally free of the tentacles emanating from 200 West. Not so fast. As it turns out Goldman’s ambitions vis-a-vis the resource-rich northern country are strong to quite strong, and as the Globe and Mail reports, Bruce Heyman, a Chicago-based Goldman Sachs executive and one of Barack Obama’s top fundraisers, is in final talks to become the next U.S. ambassador to Canada, according to sources. “Mr. Heyman would be the second ambassador to Canada to hail from Chicago, replacing David Jacobson. A person familiar with the selection process confirmed Mr. Heyman was “in the mix,” adding that he has long been an ardent supporter of the U.S. President. However, the source added that the process is not over and no final decision has been made.” Uhm, yes it has.

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