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Federal Reserve to Print New Bill – Will Usher in 21st Century American Paradigm

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Mac Slavo / April 12th, 2013

For a little bit of humor on a serious subject, we present the latest Federal Reserve Note, made available by The Daily Sheeple Picture of the Day:

The Obama Dollar

In all seriousness, it should be clear that this is exactly where the US dollar is headed.

The United States now owes nearly $17 Trillion in debt, in excess of $50,000 per person – and that’s if we count the ‘official’ numbers. Unofficially, our commitments exceed $200 Trillion over the next twenty years, a number so large that it’s difficult to wrap one’s head around.

In the one hundred years since the creation of the Federal Reserve the country’s population has tripled, while our public debt and unfunded liabilites have risen from $2 billion to over $200 trillion,a ten million percent increase(link) 


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