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The Global Status Quo Strategy: Do More of What Has Failed Spectacularly

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Charles Hugh Smith / April 22, 2013

The global Status Quo–the U.S., the E.U., China, Japan, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, et al.–has only one choice: do more of what has failed spectacularly.

A key goal of propaganda is to mystify and obscure the Power Elites’ real quandary and agenda. For example: we’re just trying to help you out here, folks, by inflating another “wealth effect” bubble that will make you feel more prosperous. You’re gonna love the warm fuzzy feeling of a return to the good times, even if you own zip-zero-nada in the way of productive assets.
Or: we’re raising your taxes and expropriating your money via inflation to stabilize the system that benefits you. (And yes, you may kneel and kiss Janet Yellen’s ring.)
The current level of mystification is truly extraordinary. But fortunately, owns a demystification device that scrubs out the mystification, leaving only stark, unforgiving reality:
1. The global Power Elites know reform is necessary, but the risks of reform are unacceptably high. Why are they unacceptably high? The Status Quo players might lose power and perquisites, and that is unacceptable. These include crony capitalists, cartels, quasi-monopolies, public unions, state fiefdoms, the banking sector and assorted other predators and parasites.
In other words, real reform is impossible because that would implode the Status Quo.
2. Doing nothing will also bring down the Status Quo. Now that the global Status Quo is entirely dependent on rising debt to fund state deficits and marginal growth of investment and consumption, the Status Quo has been backed into a corner: expand debt or die.


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