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FSN: Germany Out of the Euro or the Great Synthesis Has Begun?

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from The Daily Bell

German ‘Alternative’: Parallel Currency Idea Carries Great Risks … A new German protest party is proposing the gradual re-introduction of the national currencies of highly indebted euro-zone countries. While the party’s spokesman insists the idea solves everyone’s problems, it has one major drawback: Economists agree it won’t work. – Der Spiegel

Dominant Social Theme: This is a great new party for Germany and marks the emergence of the anti-euro faction.

Free-Market Analysis: We would like to be able to write otherwise, but we don’t believe much that comes out of Western political systems these days. That’s not to say every particular evolution is noxious. In the United States, the Tea Party has contributed to a change in the freedom debate and Senator Rand Paul has lifted up a quasi-libertarian flag, from a rhetorical standpoint anyway.

But as we’ve pointed out many times, globalists are a particularly shifty lot and it doesn’t take a lot of insight to guess that much of what goes on politically is being manipulated to ensure that the current cozy mercantilism enjoyed by Money Power remains firmly in place.

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