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FSN: Government Regulations Revisited

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by Dr. Tibor Machan
The Daily Bell

You might not think it considering my relentless concerns about the growing power of government, but I am not a pessimist. There are many areas of life where liberty is making advances − e.g., gays are no longer being so persistently harassed by government and even the obscene “war” on drugs may eventually give way to much saner policies. But in the economic realm, where it causes so much direct damage to us all, government’s interference is on the rise.

Yet many people do not fully appreciate how that interference is evident throughout the economic sphere. As a friend recently pointed out to me, many people believe that government regulation of business, industry, the various professions and so forth is but a legitimate effort to carry out the fundamental task of a government, which is the protection of our basic rights. Government regulation, according to this view, amounts to no more than shielding innocent citizens from “the bad guys,” such as the likes of Bernard Madoff or the Enron team of corporate rogues. In various professions it means fending off rogues and fraudsters.

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