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Fed Money Printing is No Longer Working: Karl Denninger Interview – Karl Denninger of says Fed money printing is no longer working, “We’re seeing the leading edge of a great deal of softness, and this means the Federal Reserve’s money games have run out of gas.” A weak economy will be the backdrop for Obama Care in 2014, which Denninger says basically transfers […] Radio – April 30, 2013

Dr. Stephen Leeb & Chris Waltzek – April 30, 2012.

Ok, The Cops Are Incompetent. I’m Supposed To Be Shocked? / By Karl Denninger / April 30, 2013, 22:47 Gee, who could have come up with this one? Sue Lund lives about five blocks from where police engaged in a wild shootout April 19 with the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects and about eight doors down from where the one who escaped alive was found […]

Abenomics Tries To Make Sure Japan Is Going Down Swinging / By Wolf Richter / April 30 2013 Anecdotal evidence has been piling up. Lamborghini sales in fiscal 2012, ended March 31, hit the highest level in 14 years. Ferrari sales jumped 40% for the first quarter – though new vehicle sales to regular folks in March plunged 15.6%, down for the 7th straight month.Luxury retailers […]

Fed Hopes Keep the Rally Alive / By Sheraz Mian / April 30, 2013 Does it make sense for the stock market to be in record territory at exactly the time when the economic and earnings data is pointing towards troubles ahead? No it does not, unless of course investors were using the weak data as a proxy for continued support […]

The latest from the island nuked by the Troika ‘rescuers’ / By Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev / April 30, 2013 Cypriot Parliament has narrowly (29:27 votes) approved the EU ‘rescue’ package agreement that covers EUR 17 billion in funds, according to the majority of the media analysts. Alas, the devil of the package is in the details. Cyprus is not (repeat – not) getting EUR 17 billion in […]

Nigel Farage On “Wholesale, Violent Revolution” In Europe / by Tyler Durden / April 30, 2013 21:49 In a little under two minutes, Nigel Farage sums up the utter farce that “the religion” that Europe has become. He explains, his fear is that what will break up the Euro, “is not the economics of it, but wholesale, violent revolution,” in the Mediterranean, and that is “all […]

Silver Update 4/30/13 Government Lies

Software Provided With Permission By Jim Rogers: Government ‘Always’ Lies The Reinhart and Rogoff Controversy: A Summing Up America Is Exactly 3 Percent Richer Than We Thought This video is for purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. All video and audio content is my own creation […]

EMBRACE THE MADNESS: The Worse The Numbers, The Greater The Misses, The HIGHER The Markets Will Rally!!! / April 30th, 2013 If all PMI numbers come in really bad, I’m expecting the DOW to go even higher. Embrace the madness. Up is down, black is white. Printing money good, gold bad. Debt is good, saving bad. Spend, spend dammit! Spend you fuckers! SPEND!!! The Koreans need to ship some useless shit over […]

Debt, Growth, and the Austerity Debate / By John Mauldin / April 30, 2013 Two weeks ago I wrote about the current debate over the 2010 paper by Ken Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart (hereinafter referred to as RR) on the correlation between debt and GDP growth. I said that the most important part of their work, which is the construction […]