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BOND MARKET TO ROLL OVER BEFORE BERNANKE CAN GET OUT OF DODGE! Doc’s report on physical market trends and our outlook for precious metals. Constructive mining shares & general metals price action despite Friday’s trading. Asian-based physical demand remains strong; shortages are still being reported. The Fed & Treasury starting to lose their grip on the bond market, as free market forces begin to overwhelm […]

Silver Update 5/31/13 Broke Government

Software Provided With Permission By Compare Silver Prices User Questions for brotherjohnf Government: “A Seedy Circus … Perpetually In Debt” This video is for purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. All video and audio content is my own creation and is protected by Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs […]

A Shocking Wake Up Call: This Is How Far The Police State Has Come *Video*

(Image courtesy Dees Illustrations) We often talk about the destruction of American values and the rule of Constitutional law as if it were some future event. What if it’s already too late? What if the police state we fear is coming… is already here? The evidence is crystal clear, is it not? This is a […]

Terrorism For Dummies

From the creator of the ‘bears’ that explained QE, this brief, but all too-uncomfortable animated clip, summarizes the reality of fear in the US and Terrorism for Dummies…       

Will Sallie-Mae’s Break-Up End The Cov-Lite Cravings?

Over the past few months we have explained in detail just how ‘frothy’ the credit market has become. Probably the most egregious example of this exuberance is the resurgence in covenant-lite loans to record levels. It seems lenders are so desperate to get some yield that they are willing to give up any and all […]

The Root Causes of the Economic Crisis The post The Root Causes of the Economic Crisis appeared first on

The Kids Are (Not) Alright

While the U.S. student loan debt “crisis” might be the primary concern associated with the youth population here, this morning’s dreadful European data confirms that 15-24 year olds around the world are struggling with a more widespread and pressing issue: high unemployment. In 2012, the youth unemployment rate was 12.4%, projected to grow to 12.6% […]

How to Predict the Upturn?

In these troubled times, there are things that are much nicer to think about or look at as indicators of how business is going and who’s buying what and who’s off-loading where. It’s not all boring traders sitting behind desks and beads of sweat dripping down foreheads, and scoffing sandwiches and choking on pretzels as […]

When Genius Fails – The Underbelly of Markets

by Martin Armstrong Armstrong Economics The Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) collapse in 1998 has been often referred to as When Genius Failed. The collapse of LTCM was instigated by the collapse of Russia. Everyone and their 5th ex-wife was long Russian bonds as bribes were paid to people in the IMF to ensure the loans […]

Investing on Physical Gold Demand What Controls Gold Prices?

by Joseph Cafariello Wealth Daily In an age when computer trading programs seem to take over the show at times, it is natural to call foul in the event of an unexpected and severe market sell-off. Only some time after the event does a plausible explanation come to light, which most often turns out to […]