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Japan’s Resurgence as a World Economy Depends on the Liberation of Women?

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Staff Report / May 28, 2013

Sexism Stands in Way of ‘Abenomics’ Saving Japan … No one needs a lean-in movement like Japan’s women. I had this conversation in Tokyo 12 years ago with Sheryl Sandberg, long before she joined Facebook Inc. and wrote her book on female empowerment. We were listening to her boss at the time, U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, speak about the need for structural reforms to the Japanese economy, in a giant auditorium devoid of women. It was one of several male-dominated events that day. The author of “Lean In” leaned over and asked me half-seriously: “There ARE women in this country, right?” – Bloomberg

Dominant Social Theme: Without equal opportunity, Japan’s progress will never amount to much.

Free-Market Analysis: We’ve commented on Abenomics elsewhere in this issue but it is important to note how the mainstream media is conflating Japan’s progress with women’s rights (see above). The issue of women’s rights is a long-term dominant social theme that has been used to divide and confuse Western societies for decades.

Modernity holds – and rightly so – that human beings ought to have equal rights and opportunities. Women are no longer considered the “weaker sex,” nor should they be. But unfortunately, in the modern era this is not all that is taking place.

In society’s zeal to improve the lot of those suffering from sexism, many other issues are ignored, perhaps on purpose. We’ve written in the past that women’s liberation as a “movement” was calculated to obscure various monetary manipulations put in place, and now we think we see it happening again in Japan.


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