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Germany to ‘Gamble on Stimulus’

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acting-man / By Pater Tenebrarum / May 30, 2013

You Can Tell an Election is Approaching …

Those allegedly so fiscally virtuous Germans that are condemning all of Europe to pursue faux ‘austerity’ are apparently not as tightfisted as was hitherto widely assumed. We have previously pointed out that contrary to widespread lore, Germany is drowning in public debt as well. Back then we published this chart:


This chart is by now somewhat outdated, as according to the Economist, the most recent number is $2,794,774,316,940, or roughly € 2.17 trillion.

Apparently that is not enough, as Germany’s government has now joined the ‘austerity is over’ chant´, so to speak singing from the Moscovici hymn sheet.


Thanks to BrotherJohnF