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Government: “A Seedy Circus … Perpetually In Debt”

from Monty Pelerin’s World As a card-carrying curmudgeon, I have always been a fan of W. C. Fields. His pessimistic view of the human race and its foibles rivalled that of H. L. Mencken, another favorite. In 1939 W. C. Fields wrote and starred in “You Can’t Cheat An Honest Man.” Wikipedia describes the plot: […]

The 34 Words That May Have Caused Today’s Crash In Stocks

from Zero Hedge There is much consternation about what triggered today’s rapid escalation of selling pressure in US stocks. As the evening wends on and traders sip their Absinthe, it appears an embargoed record of the Fed’s Advisory Panel minutes was at least a major concern as it raised the very real specter that those […]

History… Interview with G. Edward Griffin “The Individual vs. The Collective”

from TragedyandHopeMag Tonight, on History… So it Doesn’t Repeat: We feature an Interview with an extraordinary filmmaker and author, whose best-known for his book on the American Monetary system, which ranks in the top 50 non-fiction books on Amazon. G. Edward Griffin will share his wisdom, and summarize his experience, from more than 40 years […]

Speechless Turd

from TF Metals Report We knew that this week’s CoT was going to be interesting but I didn’t expect it to leave me speechless. Look, I know I’ve been banging this drum for months and all the metals have done is go down. Got it. I read you loud and clear. But we’re talking big […]

Top 1% Own 39% Of All Global Wealth: Hoarding Soars As We Hurtle Toward Economic Oblivion

[Ed. Note: The problem is not whether or not someone is in the 1%. Rather, the problem is how they got in the 1%. Producers and Parasites; Don’t confuse the two.] from The Economic Collapse Blog According to a study that was just released by Boston Consulting Group, the wealthiest one percent now own 39 […]

The Merry Month of May Ends

Historically girls dance around the Maypole winding the ribbons up. Then they reverse and unwind those ribbons. Is this an appropriate metaphor for May 31, 2013? Global economic data Friday was weak. In the eurozone unemployment overall rose to 12.2% vs 12.1% as the EU entered its sixth straight recessionary quarter. The unemployment rate from […]

Listener Questions with Peter Schiff – Gold or Gold Stocks?

from SchiffReport Mike in Ulloa, TX If the current sell off of gold is a good buying opportunity, would it be better to acquire physical metal or stocks that have an interest in them, such as mining companies, funds that are gathered around gold, and precious metal sectors. To watch the full video, please join […]

Of Financial Bubbles and Stumbling Blocks

by Peter Coyne Daily Reckoning Alfred Nobel has got to be rolling over in his grave. “Paul Krugman was merely speaking up for those silent individuals whose lives have been mercilessly devastated,” said CNBC’s Martin Bashir, “by the advance of an economic theory that we now know is completely bogus.” Here’s the best part. Are […]

Peak Gold

from PeakResourcesORG Our goal is to help as many people as possible become aware of the disaster we are rapidly approaching with the end of cheap resources. In our opinion, the wealth of most Americans could get wiped out during the next decade due to commodity inflation. Focusing on your real purchasing power, altering […]

Josh Van Der Meulen- Bullish on Silver? Part I

Josh Van Der Meulen from the channel Josh Galt: He discusses: (1) Why he’s bullish on silver (I’m not quite so sure as of this minute) (2) Why he expects deflation when all is said and done. The interview got cut short because of technical issues. I expect to finish part II soon.