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ZeroHedge: Egypt’s Morsi Still President As Ministers Resign, Muslim Brotherhood Offices Destroyed

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With over a million people crowded into the streets of Cairo (and 16 reported dead and 781 injured according to The Jerusalem Post), the situation in Egypt is becoming more unstable. Amid cheers of “the people demand the fall of the regime,” protesters set fire to and ransacked the Muslim Brotherhood’s main offices all over Egypt. Many saw this as another victory towards their goal of Egypt not being ruled under Islamic law noting, that they “feel victorious, but we’ll only have truly won once Morsi leaves.” It seems the pressure is building as five Egyptian ministers have just resigned amid the growing chaos.


The Muslim Brotherhood offices:



Via The Guardian,

The headquarters of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood have been burned and ransacked following an all-night siege – one day after millions protested on Egypt’s streets calling for President Mohamed Morsi’s resignation.



With police nowhere to be seen, Brotherhood cadres returned fire, killing at least four, and injuring at least 80 – according to medics at the scene.



“It’s a great feeling. I’ve wanted to do this for three years,” said Ahmed Yassin, a student from Alexandria, holding the office nametag of Mohamed el-Badie, the Brotherhood’s leader. “Their offices are being trashed all over Egypt – but this was the most important, because they are running the country from this office.”



Inside, there was chaos, with black smoke still billowing through the upper rooms, and looters fighting over the spoils. Outside, a crowd of 200 chanted “the people demand the fall of the regime”, indicative of the view that the Brotherhood has seized control of most of the state.



The scene at the headquarters was a microcosm of the extreme polarisation affecting Egyptian society, which is divided between those who may be religious, but do not seek an Islamic state – and Islamists like the Brotherhood, which seeks to use the concepts of Islamic law to govern Egypt. Even state institutions appear to have been drawn into the division. The police, who defended the same building during a similar attack in March, did not intervene on Sunday.


“I feel victorious,” said Ahmed Badawy, a Cairo resident hi in the hand by birdshot, fired by Brotherhood members during the night. “But we’ll only have truly won once Morsi leaves.”


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