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Ascension of Central Banker Carney Continues to Instruct Us

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Staff Report / July 4, 2013

Mark Carney to review female representation on bank notes … Sir Winston Churchill will feature on the new £5 note to enter circulation in 2016 … Which woman should go on a banknote next? Bank of England governor Mark Carney will look at the women represented on banknotes by the end of July. Mr Carney said he believed that those chosen should represent the diversity of great British historical figures. He wrote a letter in response to a Conservative MP who is disappointed that the appearance of Sir Winston Churchill on a new £5 note leaves no female characters on the currency. Mr Carney said discussions began on his first day in office on Monday. – BBC

Dominant Social Theme: This central banker is a new breed, caring and enlightened.

Free-Market Analysis: We’ve been chronicling the arrival of the “most powerful” central banker of his era, the new head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney … and this latest news squib is certainly worthy of mention.

It provides yet one more example of how those involved with central banking manipulate symbols to obscure substance. The grand chambers in which they meet, the relentless coverage of even the most insignificant remark, the fawning photo-ops … all contribute to an air of inevitability and “business as usual” when it comes to the modern monetary process.

What have we learned of late? That Carney took the “tube” to work on his first day on the job and that he was an hour early. And now we learn that one of Mark Carney’s very first acts is to figure out how to place an additional woman’s likeness on a British bank note.


Thanks to BrotherJohnF