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Are We Rome? Not yet, but We’re Getting There

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Hanging out in Rome, surrounded by ruins of all ages, you can’t help but have big thoughts about the state of the world. Here are a few of mine.

No generation during the long fall of the Roman Empire was really aware of it. Each generation accepted the conditions they inherited and worked to survive as best they could. And so it went for hundreds of years. The “fall of Rome” was obvious only to historians. It never really felt like falling.

Europeans and Americans should know something about that. There have been no appreciable gains in real median household income in the U.S. since the mid-1970s. We work harder and longer for less. Two-income families are a necessity. Young people are full of angst about the future.

As for Italy as a nation, the third millennium has been a disaster of unrelenting decline.

Then and now, the same stuff dragged us down: massive public debt, bureaucracy, unsound money, imperial ambition, official corruption, parasitism, capital depletion, and, above all else, the exaltation of the rulers who loot and destroy over the ruled, who actually build and sustain civilization.

I’ve been in Rome for a week attending an academic seminar, strolling the streets, meeting old friends, touring behind the scenes at the Vatican, and otherwise feeling the buzz amid the ruins and continuing struggle.

Close up, you get a different picture. The official economy is failing, but the unofficial one is busier than ever.


Thanks to BrotherJohnF