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The disposition matrix: more details about Obama’s secret drone kill list, major mysteries remain

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With new details about the Obama administration’s secret drone kill list known as the “disposition matrix” revealed, even more mystery and concern remains.

We have never known all that much about how the secret kill list works, as I pointed out in my first article on the subject in 2011. Since that time, attempts to learn more wererepeatedly thwarted in court until a federal judge finally ruled that the Obama administration never has to explain the legal basis for the program.

However, Attorney General Eric Holder hasassured the world that the secret reviews of classified evidence based on secret criteria conducted in secret by unidentified individuals count as due process.

The “disposition matrix” term was first made public in an October 2012 article in The Washington Post which identified the matrix as “a new blueprint for pursuing terrorists, a next-generation targeting list.”

The matrix isn’t only used for slating targets to be killed by drone, it is also used to identify individuals to be captured and interrogated.

While individuals in Somalia and Yemen whose names are placed into the matrix will continue to be targeted for drone strikes, the Guardian states that those individuals are only part of the picture.

“An unknown number would end up in the so-called black sites that the US still quietly operates in east Africa, or in prisons run by US allies in the Middle East or Central Asia,” Ian Cobain writes for the British news outlet which was blocked from Army networks recently.


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