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Backlash Against the Surveillance State

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Colorado Town Plans to Issue ‘Drone Hunting Licenses’

In the small Colorado town of Deer Trail, the municipality is discussing whether to issue ‘drone hunting licenses’ to its citizens, including a bounty (the more parts of a shot down drone you bring in, the more money you’ll get).

When a drone flies over one’s property, one cannot tell who sent it. It could be a government agency, or it could be some other criminal organization – there’s just no way of ascertaining its provenance.  What one can tell is however that no-one has the right to invade one’s property and privacy in this manner, taking pictures, recording conversations, etc., from afar.

If the drone has a court order that allows it to conduct surveillance, there is still the problem that one can simply not tell if that’s the case, especially nowadays when many such court orders are secret. Thus drones and their owners, whether or not they are on legitimate business, must bear the associated risks. By issuing drone hunting licenses and bounties, Deer Trail will likely ensure that drone invasions of private property will be kept to an absolute minimum. As the creator of the ordinance remarks, in the case of Deer Trail it is largely a symbolic protest anyway. Still, it is clear that citizens are becoming increasingly uneasy over the prospect of being watched by faceless bureaucrats 24/7.


Thanks to BrotherJohnF