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Still Report 95 – Hungary

Hungarian translation is available. Click on the red “CC” button. Hungary is pulling away from the European Union. It recently booted the IMF out of Hungary after it made the last payment on its IMF loans. It has decided not to abandon its national currency in favor of the Euro, but it still has a […]

Unidentified Navy Officer Sums It Up

Presented with no comment…   (via @NewsNinja2012)   whether or not this is a real member of the US armed forces is unknown but we suspect it sums up many of their perspectives as Obama punts to Congress.     

Guest Post: If The Syria Issue Were An ‘SNL’ Skit

Authored by Jim VandeHei, originally posted at Politico, The Ironic War Plan Imagine Dick Cheney in a “Saturday Night Live” skit fantasizing about Barack Obama handling the pressures of going to war. Cheney’s sitting there, yucking it up with Rummy and the boys, eating yellow cake. He laughs off his own reckless rush to an […]

130831 – Going Yellow

Source Links and video text for Today’s Items are located at All content contained on the Hyper Report, and attached video is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. ‘Hyper Report’ assumes all information to be truthful and reliable; however, the content in this video is provided without any warranty, express or implied. No […]

Gold & Silver 2014 Price Forecasts: Eric Sprott, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber & Tom Fitzpatrick

Bullish price predictions for 2014 by Eric Sprott, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers & Tom Fitzpatrick. ** Year of the Horse Gold & Silver Proof Coins, Sept 2nd Free Shipping: Royalty Free Music by Kevin MacLeod of Eric Sprott Interview by Greg Hunter of To start off with our most bullish forecast, Eric […]

Gearing Up For September

September is likely to be dominated by a number of key event risks, in addition to ongoing uncertainty around the US growth outlook, the Fed’s reaction function and heightened EM volatility. We highlight the major events and likely market implications. Via BofAML,Fasten Your Seatbelts 1. Potential US strike on Syria US officials are reportedly preparing […]

If You Want To Know Why Things Are Falling Apart, Look At Total Debt

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog, We are in a long-term trend where additional debt undermines the system as the positive returns on that debt turn negative.   Want to know why things are falling apart? Just look at our soaring systemic debt and the diminishing returns on that debt. Our Chartist Friend from Pittsburgh has assembled […]

OBAMA BLINKS – The American PEOPLE & CONGRESS CAN STOP WAR With Syria — Patrick Henningsen

Breaking News: SYRIA WAR on hold, for now. Obama has “decided” to “allow” Congress to debate actions in Syria. as the Constitution mandates. The American PEOPLE AND CONGRESS can and must stop this war. Any aggression against Syria will be met with resistance from Russia. CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES and DEMAND that they DO NOT authorize […]

‘Obama plays tough but has no plan B, no strategy for Syria’

Barack Obama will seek authorization from legislators before proceeding with a “limited” strike on Syria, in response to its government’s alleged use of chemical weapons. The president says the proposed strike is not “time-sensitive”. To talks more on these developments, geopolitical activist William Engdahl joins RT. Follow LIVE UPDATES on Syria ‘chemical weapons’ crisis: […]

And Now, It’s Golfing Time (Or Putin +1, Obama 0)

After bringing the world to the edge of WWIII and nearly giving the first order to launch the ironically named Patriot missile, then dramatically punting in the very last second whether to invade Syria to Congress, something he should have done from the every beginning, Obama went on to do what he does best. Politico […]