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ZeroHedge: Syria Warns Will Defend Itself Using “All Available Means”, Coordinating With Iran, Russia Ties Strong

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Apparently Syria refuses to just roll over and play dead:


  • Syrian foreign minister says U.S., Israel don’t want political solution.
  • Muallem says ties with Russia strong
  • Muallem says coordinating with Iran on various issues
  • Muallem says U.S. may be carrying out psychological warfare
  • Muallem says Syria to defend itself, won’t surrender
  • Muallem denies Assad threatened to ignite gulf oil fields
  • Muallem says Syria is comfortable with progress in Russian ties
  • Muallem says told Kerry alleged chemical attack is fabricated

But to really get through to the golfer-in-chief, does Syria know how to putt it in from 18 feet away?


via zerohedge