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Can You Sue The NSA?

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Lawsuits are blunt instruments for protecting rights, but sometimes they are the tool you need. Lawsuits over the NSA spying programs have multiplied over the past several weeks, spurred in large part by the numerous revelations about the existence and extent of the US government spying program targeting citizens. You may even be wondering if you have been a victim and if you are, whether or not you can do something about it. Can you sue the NSA for spying on you?

To answer this question, we will look at some of the Constitutional legal grounds that some lawsuits are invoking, what the courts have ruled in the past on these issues, what arguments could be successful, and whether you think you should talk to a lawyer about your specific case.

So far, there are few legal precedents decided on the exact facts of the NSA spying program as we now know them since the facts have been hidden from even the judges deciding the cases. Most lawsuits will be a case of first impression in each jurisdiction, for now.


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