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UN weapons inspectors leave Syria ahead of schedule, won’t have results for weeks; Obama to deliver statement

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(Image credit: Ashitakka/Flickr) / By Madison Ruppert / August 31, 2013

The United Nations weapons inspectors unexpectedly pulled out of Syria earlier than planned Saturday, issuing no comment, as President Barack Obama is slated to speak on Syria momentarily.

Recently, the White House said that they would carry out an attack on Syria even if they did not have support from the UN and allies.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that it is “utter nonsense” to say that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people. Putin also called on the US to present the evidence of the alleged attack to the UN Security Council.

Obama is slated to discuss the administration’s decision in a televised statement after holding meetings with his top national security aides.

The administration’s security team is also going to present classified information on the attacks to legislators on Sunday, according to Reuters.

The Obama administration seems to be moving forward with alacrity despite the fact that the results from the UN inspection have not been presented.

Indeed, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Friday that it may take two weeks before the final results will be ready to be presented, NBC News reported, citing diplomats.


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