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FSN: Would Gold Go “Down” If

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by Bill Holter
Miles Franklin

The government really shut down? If (when) the Treasury does actually default, will the value of the dollar increase and thus the value of gold in dollars decrease? Not that the government shutdown is a default, it’s not but it does point out how poor our finances are and does illustrate that we cannot go forward without borrowing more. So why then is gold down $40 today? Is it because China is opening up their banking system to allow them to trade gold for their nearly 2 billion customers? Does going from allowing 7 banks to all 23 banks decrease demand or somehow increase supply? Could it be that gold is down because after only 2 days the amount of gold standing for Oct. delivery is 1/3 of what all bullion banks combined purport to have? Could it be because France and Italy announced that they have no plans to sell their gold? Or as Zero Hedge quipped this morning, are all of the furloughed government workers at home today with nothing better to do than sell “all of their gold?”

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