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URGENT: Shutdown Set To Uphold Healthcare Extortion Scheme – Just Released From North American Law Center

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ObamaCare declared “unconstitutional”
by US Supreme Court

The Basis for this Brief

The current budget battle between the US House of Representatives and the US Senate is over the funding or defunding of ObamaCare, which was in fact declared “unconstitutional” by the US Supreme Court in its ruling dated June 28, 2012 – has resulted in an impasse and a partial “shut down” of the Federal Government starting on October 1, 2013.

Despite numerous efforts by the House of Representatives to pass a budget funding everything except ObamaCare, the Senate under the command and control of Democrat Senator Harry Reid (Nevada) has rejected every effort to reopen all federal agencies on grounds that they intend to “extort” money illegally and unconstitutionally from the American people under their Affordable Health Care Act in which the Federal Government is attempting to seize control of the health care industry, namely ALL related revenue.

This document is prepared for the American people and the several States because Republicans currently in control of the House of Representatives are almost certain to cave to the extortion underway, led by Senate Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, unless the States and the people directly engage. The people must prepare to take appropriate measures in that event.

Before discussing the criminal nature of events surround the forced acceptance of ObamaCare, we must first state that ObamaCare originated in the US Senate. As the Constitution rests all congressional power to “lay and collect taxes” in the House of Representatives, from which all “tax” revenue related bills must originate, the Senate bill known as ObamaCare denied that it was a “tax,” therefore allowing the bill to originate from the Senate.

As you will see here, the courts then attempt to re-write ObamaCare, making it a “tax” in order to make it appear “constitutional.” However, the bill in its current form is NOT a “tax” and if it is a “tax,” it could only exist if originated in the House.

ObamaCare is in fact “unconstitutional” in its current form. But it is much worse that “unconstitutional,” it is the greatest theft of private property, freedom and liberty in the history of the United States.


Thanks to BrotherJohnF