Silver as an investment

Countdown to Panic

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By  Andrew Hoffman / October 10th, 2013

I’m still steamed about the blatancy of this morning’s Cartel attack; not only on “FOMC Minutes Day,” but as the White House announces “uber-dove” Janet Yellen will likely be running the Federal Reserve.  In fact, just as I’m writing at EXACTLY 10:00 AM EST – i.e, “Key Attack Time #1”; this is what they just did, with the Dow sitting at the same unchanged level it’s been at all morning – and the following headline coming across the tape; “Fed’s Evans says current situation in the U.S, with high jobless rate and low inflation, calls for accommodative policies.”  And FYI, for those that still believe there’s achance in hell of a “tapering” announcement at the October 29th FOMC meeting, recall that the Fed now considers this decision “data dependent”; with absolutely ZERO data being published due to the government “shutdown”…

By the way, notice how on Monday (blue line), the day’s gains were capped at EXACTLY 1%, at EXACTLY the KEY ROUND NUMBER of $1,325/oz, at EXACTLY 10:00 AM EST.  On Tuesday, yet another Cartel Herald was utilized to stop gold’s gains at EXACTLY 10:00 AM EST – i.e., the second the global PHYSICAL market closes; at EXACTLY the KEY ROUND NUMBER of $1,330/oz. that has served as the Cartel’s “line in the sand” for the past month.  As for silver – which as I wrote about last week, it has been attacked for at least a 2% intraday decline on 45% of ALL trading days this year. To wit, what more can I say than that the Cartel’s “line in the sand” for the past month has clearly been the KEY ROUND NUMBER of $22/oz?


Thanks to BrotherJohnF