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Yuan moves one step closer to global currency status

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China launched a currency swap deal with the euro zone on Thursday, in the country’s latest push to transform the yuan into a major world currency.

The foreign exchange (FX) swap—an agreement to exchange one currency for another at a set rate at a certain time in the future—will have a maximum size of 350 billion yuan ($57.2 billion) and 45 billion euros ($60.9 billion) and will be valid for three years.

“From the perspective of the euro system, the swap arrangement is intended to serve as a backstop liquidity facility and to reassure euro area banks of the continuous provision of Chinese yuan,” said the European Central Bank in a news release.

Benefits of FX swap agreements include improving liquidity for currencies outside the domestic market, helping ensure the stability of financial markets. Plus, there has been a strong growth in China-European trade and investment flows, with Europe as a whole accounting for 14 percent of China trade last year.

The euro zone deal is the latest in a series of currency swaps China has signed this year and last. Recent major pacts include one struck with the U.K. in June, with a maximum value of 200 billion yuan.


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