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Elijah Johnson- Public Schooling Indoctrination

Elijah Johnson from Finance and Liberty is back with us today. We discuss: Elijah’s youtube channel: (1) The Public schooling nightmare in this country and the propaganda they preach. (2) We discuss how public schooling is essentially a marxist tenet and discuss why the central planners want to indoctrinate us.

Gold Rush or Just a Streak?

Click here to follow ZeroHedge in Real-time on FinancialJuice Gold had a good run for twelve years but has fallen by as much as 20% this year alone. Is that set to continue? It looks as if gold will increase marginally again this week and may even continue reaching a peak next month due to the weak dollar and […]

UBS On The Importance Of 3D Printing

Over a year ago we discussed the “next Industrial Revolution” and where it might appear from. 3D printers were envisioned among Goldman’s top disruptive themes earlier this year and as UBS notes, 3D printing – or additive manufacturing – has been catching investors’ imaginations in recent months. Some commentators have suggested the technology has the […]

David Einhorn’s Three Questions For Ben Bernanke

From David Einhorn of Greenlight The amount of media and market attention focused on whether the Federal Reserve will taper its quantitative easing (QE) would border on comical if it weren’t so serious. In August, the San Francisco Fed published an economic research paper that estimated that the $600 billion spent on QE2 added a […]

Guest Post: 5 Ways To Create A Monopoly

Submitted by Brian LaSorsa via The Ludwig von Mises Institute, It’s hard to maintain monopoly status in a free market when you have to deal with all that competition and whatnot. Between other companies’ low prices and new, updated products entering the market each day, it’s almost like Rich Uncle Pennybags is a thing of […]

Halloween Humor: How To Slay Zombies With Economics

Presumably you’ve already made plans for surviving a zombie apocalypse. You have detailed escape routes, stockpiled weapons made for killing zombies, stores of food… or at least plans for these things. But have you thought through the important economic factors that might make the difference between surviving and losing your brain to one of the […]

Fed Wants Inflation to Sustain Asset Bubbles & Monetize Debt

Peter Schiff on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report (10/30/2013) Listen to The Peter Schiff Show Live Weekdays 10am to noon ET on Buy my newest book at Friend me on Follow me on http://www,

Germany Advises Journalists To Stop Using Google Over US Spying Concerns, May Ask Snowden To Tesity Against NSA

The spat between the US and Germany is getting worse by the minute. Following yesterday’s meaningless escalation by the Treasury accusing, via official pathways, Germany of being the main culprit for Europe’s lack of recovery (and Germany’s subsequent retaliation), it is Germany’s turn now to refocus public attention on Big Brother’s spying pathology when a […]

Guest Post: Are Constitutional Conservatives Really The Boogeyman?

Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog, Power, or perceived power, is a viciously addictive narcotic. It doesn't matter what political or philosophical background a person hails from, very few have the self discipline or the self awareness necessary to relinquish the trappings of power once they have tasted it. This truth applies to conservatives […]

I figured The Japanese Stock Market would go ballistic as soon as the Government weakened the Yen

I figured the Japanese stock market would go ballistic as soon as the government weakened the yen, and that’s what happened. Since the Oct. 15 low, the market is up more than 70% in yen terms and 35% in dollars—before the recent correction, that is. I bought brokers such as Nomura [NMR], which has more […]