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Year-Round Survival: $300 Underground Greenhouse Could Change How We Eat

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This article was written by Elizabeth Renter and originally published at Natural Society

The “Walipini” is an underground greenhouse developed for South American mountain regions over twenty years ago. It was made to allow for edible plants to be grown year-round, no matter how severe the winter got. It’s cheap, simple, and could change everything.

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a climate with a year-round growing season. Most of us have to wait for spring to replant our delicate greens or summer for our tomatoes and peppers. While this seasonal planting is effective and can still allow a family to eat off the land, an underground greenhouse could change it all and allow us to harvest in the dead of winter.

The greenhouse uses passive solar heating to keep the plants warm under its cover. The earth itself provides protection from the elements while plastic sheeting overhead allows sufficient sunlight to come through.


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