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It’s True: Government is Aggressively Engaged in Gun Confiscation In the US / By Joshua Cook / November 30, 2013 A report from is claiming that New York gun owners are being sent letters from the N.Y.P.D. demanding them to surrender their guns which have feeding capacities that violate the 5–round rule. Below is an excerpt from the New York Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act (NY SAFE Act). According […]

Grant Williams On Flushing The Impurities Of QE From The System

Grant Williams "pulls no punches" in this all-encompassing presentation as the "Things That Make You Go Hmmm" author reflects on what is behind us and looks ahead at the ugly reality that we will face when "the impurities of QE are finally flushed from the system." Central bankers of today have "changed everything" he chides, […]

A-Rod And Janet Yellen: What Valuation, Debt And The Fed Can Say About The Next Bear Market / By Tyler Durden / 11/30/2013 09:45 Submitted by F.F. Wiley of Cyniconomics What Can Valuation, Debt and the Fed Tell Us about the Next Bear Market? We last wrote about stock valuation in August, when we looked at three types of P/E multiples and argued that stocks were more stretched than you would think if you only […]

Bitcoin : I have no idea whether it is worth $10,000, a million dollars, or $50

Dr. Marc Faber author of the Gloom, Boom and Doom report is a world class Investor, Doctor Faber ‘s typically controversial and contrarian views have earned him the label of Dr. Doom. Doctor Doom also trades currencies and commodity futures like Gold Natural Gas and Crude Oil.Even his harshest critics must admit that he’s been […]

Not Such a Great Deal for Iran / By Eric Margolis / November 30, 2013 After all the gnashing of teeth, beating of breasts and tearing of hair coming from Israel and its American supporters, you’d think last week’s nuclear deal in Geneva has opened the way for Iran to become a mighty nuclear weapons power. Nonsense.  Coolly examined,  Tehran came off with the […]

Incredible Minutes from a 1974 Henry Kissinger Staff Meeting on Gold / By Michael Krieger / November 30, 2013 The following excerpts are from a transcript of a 1974 meeting held by the then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his staff. This particular meeting was held on April 25, and focused on an European Commission Proposal to revalue their gold assets. What follows is an incredible […]

Russell Napier: “We Are On The Eve Of A Deflationary Shock “ / By Tyler Durden / 11/30/2013 17:26 In the aftermath of Ray Dalio’s conversion to an inflationista earlier this year (even if he has since once again been pushing a deflationary agenda when he once again went long Treasurys in late September as Zero Hedge reported previously), which promptly got such permanent deflationists as David Rosenberg to change their multi-year […]

Government Benefits, Government Privilege / By John Risselada / November 30, 2013 America, you should be furious over the mess that Obamacare has caused this country. Not only for the obvious reasons, such as loss of coverage, fines for non-compliance and sky rocketing premiums, but for several others as well. You see, I have had the distinct opportunity to […]

THE WEEKEND VIGILANTE NOVEMBER 30, 2013 – FREEDOM, BITCOIN AND CHINA / By Jeff Berwick Hello from Acapulco Bay, I am still here, but not for long, as I leave to Mexico City on Sunday night for a Monday interview by satellite with Max Keiser, then off to Miami for one night and then on to St. Kitts for the Liberty Forum conference on the […]

Technical Notes for ‘What Valuation, Debt and the Fed Tell Us’ / By F.F Wiley / November 30, 2013 This is an appendix for our earlier post, “What Can Valuation, Debt and the Fed Tell Us about the Next Bear Market.” Inflation adjustments The earnings data used for the Shiller P/Es and trend line P/Es are reported (not operating) earnings converted to 2013 dollars using CPI […]