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Jim Willie gold / Jim Willie CB  / DECEMBER 26, 2013 

Let us take a break from the hustle & bustle loaded to the gills with nastiness and mayhem. Consider some information cookies during the Christmas holiday down time, not without a few lumps of coal. The deceptions are deep; the ranks of dupes are legion; connecting the dots is not so easy. Despite the constant stream of deception and the steady interference by the well-meaning but all too often simpletons in the madding crowd mixed with sheep, the story can be rather extensively told. It takes the new skill of connecting the dots, along with a mental stubbornness mixed with a certain measure of insight. The phrase connecting dots was not heard by the Jackass until a few years ago, from my unusual smart buddy UD in Nevada. His many messages over the years often contain the three words CONNECT THE DOTS. With his help and the guiding hand of numerous suspicious astute colleagues, we have made sense of widely scattered information from the battlefield during the global monetary war. After tying stories together, the main themes make for a fascinating spy novel that touches every corner of the world and reaches all our lives. A close examination reveals how the major nations and their leaders have been busy with popular betrayal on a grand scale, during a grand Paradigm Shift. The world will turn on more of an eastern axis in the future.

Deep deception makes fools of the majority of people in my former world. Many are the old friends, family members, and colleagues who refuse to give a close look at the ample evidence. Many prefer to live under outmoded wrong-footed assumptions. Some prefer to live under common deep delusions. The Jackass and buddies choose instead to make sense of the countless items on the table, since it tells a story. Regardless of whether the story is ugly, it is the event schedule of our times. We connect dots like Sherlock Holmes or Thomas Clancy and reveal George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. The people can take action, and need not succumb with mutterings and idle complaints. We can close bank and stock accounts and cash in bank certificates of deposit. We can buy gold & silver bars and coins. We can leave the country altogether, and take up residence elsewhere. The world does not revolve around the American Dome. Consider a cornucopia of items on the table, laden with deceptions.

***Introductory Concepts


A primary downfall of the American nation is a fundamental lack of awareness that the USDollar is not money. Try to explain that to the common person, and receive a blank stare. The USD is declared by fiat as valid legal tender, nothing more. That means it is legitimate legal medium of exchange to settle debts public and private, to pay bills, to settle accounts, to buy things. However, it is not money. For 42 years since the Gold Standard was broken, the nation has used unsound money, phony money. Such is not taught in college economics classes. Since it is actually (by default) denominated debt, the painful process of debt writedown will act like a wrecking ball to the wealth of the nation. Bank accounts, stock accounts, pension funds, and all types of wealth will suffer a debt writedown since the unit of supposed wealth is a debt unit. The USDollar is not money. They might as well have declared salt to be money, often used by the tribes who sold Manhattan in exchange for trinkets.


Just a little spice. The American royalty consists of a Camelot in lineage. The father of Jimmy Carter is Joseph Kennedy Sr, the father of John, Robert, and Edward Kennedy. Therefore Jimmy is their half-brother. That explains how a Georgia state governor would rise from obscurity to become president. A photograph of Billy Carter, Jimmy Carter, Robert Kennedy, and John Kennedy shows a remarkable resemblance between Jimmy and Robert, like with the prominent teeth, just like their common father. The key step was the designation of the Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. His planned architecture for the Middle East would stand for a generation and enable the small ally on the Southern Mediterranean that looks northwest to Italy to control the US nation like a dog on a leash. Not outdone in lineage, William Jefferson Clinton is the grandson of John David Rockefeller. The word charming fits better than bastard. The key step was the designation of Robert Rubin, who presided over the raid of the national treasury. The Wall Street gang essentially stole the Fort Knox gold. In fact, they managed to steal it twice. The nation was pre-occupied by royalty and glitz, even stains on a dress. An element of royalty is very real, but hidden, shrouded in routine births out of wedlock.


Thanks to BrotherJohnF