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Earnings Continue To Disappoint

Earnings continue to disappoint. With more tapering going and problems in emerging economies, the market has a bleak outlook in my opinion. Disclaimer: All information provided is solely for informational usage. NO MATERIAL HERE CONSTITUTES “INVESTMENT ADVICE” NOR IS IT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO STOCKS, […]



Third Banker, Former Fed Member, “Found Dead” Inside A Week

If the stock market were already crashing then it would be simple to blame the dismally sad rash of dead bankers in the last week on that – certainly that was reflected in 1929. However, for the third time in the last week, a senior financial executive has died in what appears to be a […]

The Bernank Celebrates

Submitted by James E. Miller of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada The Bernank Celebrates   When the last helicopter left the Vietnamese city of Saigon, Uncle Sam hung his head in defeat. The commies had won. The billions of dollars spent, lives lost, and damaged prestige were all lasting consequences. The war left […]

China, Japan, The Yasukuni Shrine, And The Confederate Flag

Submitted by Shannon Tiezzi via The Diplomat, On Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council held an open debate on the theme of “war, its lesson, and the search for a permanent peace.” Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, addressing the Security Council, laid out the core of the problem: “As we have seen repeatedly, […]

Suicide Fed – Andy Hoffman

On his weekly podcast, Andy Hoffman discusses holiday retail sales, unemployment, debt ceiling, home sales, the Fed, Comex, gold and silver. This video was posted with permission from Andy Hoffman from SUBSCRIBE (It’s FREE!) to “Finance and Liberty” for more interviews and financial insight: LIBERTY MASTERMIND SYMPOSIUM: Join Elijah Johnson and Andy Hoffman […]

What America’s CEOs Really Think

With analysts preferring gloss over the massive bellwether stock earnings misses, focus on non-GAAP manufactured releases, and cling optimistically to hopes that weak performance, inclement weather, and volatile currency fluctuations will all go away soon and that the future looks rosy. However, as Bloomberg’s Richard Yamarone notes, the US economy continues to cling to an […]

Science Advances Use of Therapeutic Gold, Silver Nanoparticles

Gold and silver have long been valued as monetary metals, substances of beauty and ornamentation; secure stores of wealth and even as industrial components. Within the last decade, gold has been increasingly used as a nano-pharmaceutical, capable of penetrating cell walls in order to precisely target delivery of medicines, heat from x-rays used to destroy […]

The Government of Russia & Ukraine are not the People of Either Country

by Martin Armstrong Armstrong Economics No matter what country we look at be it Russia, Cuba, China, or North Korean, there is a formidable difference between the PEOPLE and the GOVERNMENT – for there is a distinction and by no means are they one and the same. It is not the Russian people suppressing Ukraine […]

Two Monetarist Cheers for Ben Bernanke

Bernanke, despite his mistakes, is one of the great figures of our age by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Monetarists will not be sad to see the end of Ben Bernanke today. The outgoing chairman of the US Federal Reserve unquestionably saved the world economy after the Lehman crisis in 2008, but only after having caused the […]