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Economic Collapse 2014?

The Wall St for Main St team did a special 1 hour plus podcast reviewing 2013’s market and economic activities and our outlook for 2014. We discussed many major macro and market events such as the rise of Bitcoin and it being 2013’s top performing asset class, the Fed’s surprise December taper, the cyclical bear market in commodities, precious metals continued painful correction in 2013 as well as the rise of robotics, 3D printing and other technological innovations. Wall St for Main St also looked at trends that are occurring in the global economy and how that will affect investors. We give some predictions and educated guesses for 2014 and what new trends and events we think investors should look out for the year ahead.

For additional previews of 2014, please read the articles of David Collum:

Charles Hugh Smith:
“Ranting” Andy Hoffman:

For additional, interesting educated guesses please check out Doug Kass and Byron Wien’s annual predictions. There are many others who put out good predictions at the beginning of every year so these are just a few. Please also respect that no one is right all the time and markets can change very rapidly from year to year.

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