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U.S. Says Russia Tested Missile, Despite Treaty

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  • U.S tells allies Russia may have been flight testing for up to six years
  • Both nations signed a treaty in 1987 banning medium-range missiles

The United States is said to have told Nato allies that Russia has been testing a new ground-launched cruise missile, despite Moscow being prohibited from carrying out such tests thanks to a 30-year-old treaty.

Rose Gottemoeler, the U.S. state department’s senior arms control official, has reportedly asked Russian officials about the tests on several occasions since May last year .

The department believes the flight tests could have been going on for up to six years.

Russia is said to have responded by saying that the matter has been investigated and the case is now closed.

According to the New York Times President Barack Obama is not yet ready to officially declare the tests. The situation comes at a time when he is pledging to make further cuts in nuclear arms.


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