Silver as an investment

WealthCycles: Science Advances Use of Therapeutic Gold, Silver Nanoparticles

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Gold and silver have long been valued as monetary metals, substances of beauty and ornamentation; secure stores of wealth and even as industrial components. Within the last decade, gold has been increasingly used as a nano-pharmaceutical, capable of penetrating cell walls in order to precisely target delivery of medicines, heat from x-rays used to destroy cancer cells and for cellular imaging. Silver was deemed too unstable for such uses.

But in fall 2013, scientists stumbled upon a silver nanoparticle that promises to be even more stable and easy to use than gold.

Since 2008, gold nanoparticles, sub-microscopic, sphere-shaped particles about one-10,000th the diameter of a single strand of human hair, have been used in medical treatments, unique in their ability penetrate human cell walls without destroying the cells. For a long time, even as they devised new and more sophisticated ways of using gold nanoparticles to target particular types of cells, scientists didn’t really know how or why it worked.

Gold Nanoparticles are used for Targeted Delivery of Drugs to Cancer Cells, to Reduce Drug Toxicity and Prolong Life, and for Cell Imaging. Now Scientists Have Discovered how to make Stable Silver Nanoparticles that..

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