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15 Ridiculous Ways To Get On The FBI Terrorist Watchlist

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picturewatchlist / Monday, February 17th, 2014

[Behold the absurd Amerikan fascist police state. The problem is, people are complying with this insanity out of the same fear and intimidation these tactics are supposed to induce on others, and fear is contagous. Well, so is love, our “weapon” of choice. It’s a choice between fear and love. Make the right one. – Zen]

(Richard Moyer) In hopes of catching more terrorists, the FBI released twenty five instructional pamphlets intended for everyone from hobby store owners to karate instructors. The idea being that these businesses will turn in their customers to the FBI as suspected terrorists. Every single one of these examples were taken directly from FBI lists distributed to places of business in how they can help fight the war on terror. Do one of these, and you might end up at FEMA camp.

1. Beauty shops have been instructed to look out for people getting picked up outside, rather than driving themselves. Sorry Grandma.


Thanks to BrotherJohnF