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David Stockman On The Semi-Keynesian GOP

from TomWoodsTV David Stockman, former OMB director under Ronald Reagan, wonders what the point of an opposition party is if it accepts the same assumptions. Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show: http://www.DavidStockmansContraCorner… Tweet

The Shocking Hypocrisy of Keith Ablow

by Karl Denninger This one stunned me. Those are three examples representing, I would guess, 100,000 or more kids. I could come up with 50 scenarios representing millions of kids. Are we really going to invest the resources to go get those kids, drag them out of their houses and put them in psychiatric […]

BANZAi7 EVeNiNG HeRaLD (APRiL 1, 2014)


Read Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt: An Adaptation

This article is adapted from the book “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt,” by Michael Lewis, published by W. W. Norton & Company. Courtesy of The New York Times Magazine. The full Michael Lewis book can be purchased on Amazon. The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street Before the collapse of the U.S. financial system in 2008, […]

Why Did BRICS Back Russia On Crimea?

Submitted by Zachary Zeck of The Diplomat, There’s been no shortage of reports and commentaries on the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea, and Russia’s role in it. Yet one of the more notable recent developments in the crisis has received surprisingly little attention. Namely, the BRICS grouping (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) has […]

Bug-out with the in-laws.

“Honey, can you fix that scraping sound when the car hits a bump? “Sure,” I say, “I’ll work on it next Saturday.” But when Saturday comes around I look out at the car and find some other important task to do, like cleaning my desk, so that I am busy and productive. But I suspect […]

Lewis On Top: The High Freaks Storm To First Place Of Amazon’s Bestseller List

First HFTs took over capital markets courtesy of “legal” orderflow frontrunning which is, for the sixth years in a row, confused with “providing liquidity”, and which has allowed such pending IPOs as Virtu to boast 1237 profitable trading days out of 1238 while making their owners multi-billionaires. And now, courtesy of Michael Lewis, the high […]

Vlad Flips The Golden Bird

A rather significant development is soon to take place in the ongoing Ukrainian Crisis and I must admit that, until late yesterday, I was completely unaware of it. Thanks to this wise and industrious community, however, we now know of this next escalation. read more

Japanese Outlook Data Collapses As China’s PMI Misses And Beats (And Economy Contracts & Expands)

UPDATE: Abenomics double #fail – Japanese Base Labor Earnings dropped YoY for the 21st straight month…   Another night, another disaster for Abe. Japan’s all-important Tankan Business conditions forecast dropped to a one-year low and missed by the most since Lehman (but apart from that Abenomics is “nailing it”).  China’s “official” Manufacturing PMI beat expectations […]

High Frequency Trading: Why Now And What Happens Next

Update: within minutes of publishing this article news hit that the FBI is launching a probe into HFT. QED For all the talk about how High Frequency Trading has rigged markets, most seem to be ignoring the two most obvious questions: why now and what happens next? After all, Zero Hedge may have been ahead […]