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WealthCycles: Desire For Clean Energy (and Scallops) Pushes Free Market Solutions

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CBC report fingers worsening pollution, largely resulting from ever-increasing use of carbon-based energy, as the culprit in the shellfish die-offs.

Just as deliberate, human-made inflation is putting increasing upward pressure on prices on of the most basic necessities of life, such as food and energy, other human-created conditions are taking a toll as well.

In this week’s video clip, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) takes a look at the impact of rising ocean acidification on shellfish harvests. One Qualicum Bay, British Columbia, scallop production plant, with 95% of its normal annual harvest lost, has shut down.

“Nobody expected to see this level of increase in CO2,” the plant owner tells CBC.

They first started noticing baby scallops dying a few years ago: The culprit, lethally acidic seawater. In the hatchery chemical levels can be adjusted. But in the ocean, where scallops mature, mortality rates began climbing. This year the company lost several million scallops, 95% of its harvest.

“We see mortality events here,” the plant owner continues. “They occur for a short period of time, maybe a toxic algae bloom, but nothing like this—continual mass mortality.”

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