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WealthCycles: Health – US 2013 Uninsured, 2014 Uninsured Are Apples and Oranges

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Since 1987, the U.S. Census Bureau has collected information on how many people living in the United States are covered by health insurance and shared that information in a widely cited annual report. In 2014, the first year the U.S. Affordable Care Act will take effect, the Census Bureau has announced a change in the way it counts the number of people who have insurance. This change means that the numbers from 2014 won’t be directly comparable to figures from earlier years, making it harder to tell whether the ACA is progressing toward its goal of health insurance for all. The Census Bureau claims the timing is merely coincidence, but given the federal government’s unrivaled skill at skewing other sorts of statistics (CPI and employment figures, to name a couple), critics of the ACA naturally are crying foul.

Census Bureau Count of Uninsured Will be Measured Differently in 2014, Just in time for ACA Roll-out

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