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Oakland officer reinstated with back pay after throwing grenade at unconscious man, bystanders

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Oakland riot cops surround the protesters. (Source: Noah Berger, special to the Chronicle) / by Site Staff in News / August 8, 2014

OAKLAND, CA — An officer who violently attacked a group of civilians — including an incapacitated man bleeding from a head injury and the people who tried to help him — has been reinstated to the department with back pay for the nearly 3 years of missed work.

The incident dates back to October 25th, 2011. Citizens were protesting the perceived injustices in their government in what was called an Occupy Oakland rally, which involved day-and-night occupation of the public square. Oakland police initiated an unprovoked attack on peaceful bystanders when an unidentified OPD officer launched a metal tear gas canister directly into a man’s head, causing him to collapse into a pool of blood, and resulting in brain damage.

The incident didn’t end there. The man who had been injured was Iraq veteran Scott Olson; who received swift attention from non-uniformed bystanders. When people had gathered to aid Mr. Olson, another cop, OPD Officer Robert Roche, attacked the crowd by throwing a flashbang grenade only inches from Mr. Olson’s bleeding head. A violent explosion followed, injuring and scattering the first responders. The incident was previously detailed by Police State USA.


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