Silver as an investment

Gold & Silver Staring into the Abyss: Next Major Support at $1,000 & $9!

In this week’s MUST LISTEN Metals & Markets, The Doc & Eric Dubin break down the epic take-down in the metals futures markets this week, discussing:

1. With gold’s triple bottom at $1280 breached and silver plunging below its uptrend channel from the 2nd phase of its secular bull market- next major support levels are $1,000 in gold and $9 in silver! Is an EPIC PLUNGE dead ahead for the metals?
2. Blood is pouring in the streets! How much longer can the pain last?
3. Physical silver demand EXPLODES- premiums spiking as shortages develop
4. US Mint October Silver Eagle sales near 6 million oz- all time yearly sales record looks set to fall
5. While QE “ends” in the US, Japan goes QEInfinityER, ramps QE to JPY 80 Trillion