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Off-Sheet Gold Banking Leading to Chainsaw Massacre | Rob Kirby (Part 2)

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– How & Why off-sheet gold banking was born in Canada, and led to the flood of foreign banks into Canada and geometrically explosive instruments being abused to control the financial markets,
– Interest rate derivatives are being mis-used like a chainsaw in a “Chainsaw Massacre”
– Naming Names: Who are the “Magnificent 5” banks holding the most trillions in derivatives? But the United States Treasury is the real initiator and very clandestine!
– Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) founded in 1934, funded by the confiscated gold from 1933, publishing no financials, accountable to nobody, operating above the law!
– LIBOR – 3Q’2007 reported to be broken → Bear Stearns collapse, – Hedge funds holding “subprime residential mortgages” rated AAA FAILED! It’s like saying the Sun crashed into the Earth!

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