Silver as an investment

Block Chain Tech Getting Big Investments Still | Tuur Demeester

Jason Burack had on returning guest, Austrian School Economist and Bitcoin expert, Tuur Demeester.

During this 40+ minute interview, Jason and Tuur talk about currency wars, financial warfare and central banks taking turns with QE programs.

Tuur thinks this will end very badly in the future and he is happy to continue buying physical gold and silver and also Bitcoin as a hedge against the race to debase from government issued, debt based fiat currencies.

Jason then asks Tuur about what’s going on with Bitcoin. Jason and Tuur discuss many things going on in the news concerning Bitcoin. Despite the extremely negative and vitriolic headlines about Bitcoin from the mainstream media concerning Bitcoin, Bitcoin and block chain technology companies continue to get tens of millions of investment dollars form Wall St, big name companies, astute business executive and non-Libertarian technology experts and technology investors in Silicon Valley who are very impressed with the potential of the technology and the disruptions and innovations to the economy block chain technology can provide.

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