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Delusional America — Paul Craig Roberts

Delusional America Paul Craig Roberts Robert Parry is one of my favorite columnists. He is truthful, has a sense of justice, and delivers a firm punch. He used to be a “mainstream journalist,” like me, but we were too truthful for them. They kicked us out. I can’t say Parry has always been one of […]

2015 Kookaburra 1oz Berlin Coin Show Special Sold Out ALREADY!

Some commentary on the upcoming World Money Fair Special Kookaburra in proof quality. Available @ Perth Mint: Join the mailing list for upcoming releases:

Silver Investor’s Newsletter – February 2015

We started off with an editorial of all that is going on in the monetary financial system, the war zone, and what’s happening with this currency war that continues. We move on and talk about a silver company that is one of the highest grade best silver mines ever. This company compares with any of […]

Podemos ‘March for Change’: Tens of thousands rally in Madrid against austerity

Tens of thousands of Spaniards have taken to the streets of central Madrid in support of Podemos, a leftist political party campaigning on an anti-austerity platform. The party’s popularity has soared in the wake of the Syriza victory in Greece – READ MORE RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook […]

Did The Federal Reserve Make A Major Math Error When Reporting Its December Gold Withdrawals?

A month ago, when we first observed the biggest monthly gold repatriation from the NY Fed since 2001, when 47 tons of foreign-owned gold were withdrawn from the vault below 33 Liberty street which lowered the gold inside to just 6,029 tons, and which brought the 2014 YTD total withdrawal to 166.5 tons, we noted […]

The Future of Medicine? Forget Private Doctor Appointments, Group Medical Visits are Coming

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, around 10 percent of family doctors already offer shared medical appointments, sessions that bring together a dozen or more patients with similar medical conditions to meet with a doctor for 90 minutes. With pressure from the government and insurers to bring down […]

Going Underground: Tessa Munt talks fracking, succession in Saudi Arabia, & Syriza smeared?

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the fracking debate. Tessa Munt MP, who resigned as aide to Vince Cable over her party’s refusal to stand against fracking, says she could not support the government as fracking is risky and untested, and could destroy climate and landscape and “you can never really get them back again.” David […]

The Latest Updates from Martin Armstrong – 2015.01.31

by Martin Armstrong Armstrong Economics Spain – Mass Left Rally for Change & Debt Default US Share Market – Potential Waterfall? The Hunt for Taxes – This will Not End Nicely Starting to Get It – Great News It’s Always About CONFIDENCE Roman were Tax-Exempt inside Rome Proper Airlines Engaging in Consumer Fraud Sponsored by […]

The Brutal Economics of Blogging

by Charles Hugh Smith Of Two Minds I’ve found that much of the advice about how to make money blogging suffers from survivorship bias. I was surprised to read that Andrew Sullivan was closing down his blog and subscription service, as his site was apparently making a lot of money. By a lot I mean […]

We Ignore Unintended Consequences At Our Peril

They’ll likely define our future more than the intended ones by Adam Taggart Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity Early in my business career, I was faced with a challenge that gave me an appreciation for a critical lesson about life and business. It’s that oftentimes, even with the best of intentions, our actions create consequences completely […]