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Will a Robot Take Your Job? This Calculator Estimates the Odds / by Lily Dane / June 18th, 2015

Technological innovation has benefited humanity in innumerable ways. It has allowed us to discover other planets, replace damaged hearts, print three-dimensional objects (including bridges), and easily communicate with people all over the world.

Two areas of technology have experienced incredible growth in recent years: robotics and artificial intelligence. No longer the stuff of science fiction, both have tremendous capacity to help humanity – and to harm it.

Earlier today, Truthstream Media reported that the Bilderberg Group’s “steering committee has invited more and more entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley as well as tech heads leading changes on the Internet, in cybersecurity and the vast changes happening in technology.”

Artificial intelligence was a key topic at Bilderberg’s meeting last week.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the world of technology should not be an exception.

But it is. Killer robots are being developed by the government. As early as next year, we may see robot cops patrolling our streets. And, security robots have become an area of special interest for the robotics industry.


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