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Normally, I take Friday mornings off from writing – but find time to “fit” an article in on Friday afternoon, Saturday, or Sunday.  However, I’m writing this Friday morning – as not only is my wife’s family coming to town; as her ballet school’s dance recitals are held; but Sunday is Father’s Day.  To that end, at nearly 45 years of age, it’s just my second Father’s Day – and who could have known how rewarding it would be?

Before I met Diana on New Year’s Eve 2001, I had no interest in having children.  However, she did; and when I proposed in February 2002, it was a “deal breaker” if I didn’t agree to parenthood.  We couldn’t have children ourselves, so we started what was supposed to be an 18-24 month adoption process in May 2006, when we still lived in New York.  And when all was said and done, it was July 2013 when we finally met our precious Sylvie; who, I might add, is likely one of the last healthy children to leave China via its international adoption program.

Deep in my heart, I knew I’d love her very much – even as someone who had never been a “child person.”  Then, again, until we rescued “Giselle” in October 2007, I was decidedly a “cat person” – who has since become the world’s biggest dog lover.  Regarding Sylvie, every parent I knew told me I’ve fall in love with her; and finally, at nearly 43 years of age, I was mentally ready for the challenge.  And after nearly two years of “parenting” – which I state in quotes, as I find it more of a pleasure than a “job” – I can confidently say that nothing I’ve come across could prepare me for the love I’d feel.  Below is a picture of Diana, Sylvie, Giselle, and “daddy” from a month ago – all doing fine, prepared for any challenge the world throws our way.  To all the fathers out there, enjoy your weekend – and cherish what you have!  Remember, “in the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give.”

As for the polar opposite of the love of family and friends – i.e., the economic hell politicians and bankers have sentenced us to – I’m going to try and take it down a notch on this “pre-Father’s Day” Friday.  I mean, at some point one needs to step back and view things from one’s “eye in the sky” – rather than a microcosmic, data driven standpoint.  And sadly, no matter how I view it, the result is the same.  Which is, that unfettered fiat currency creation – combined with population growth, demographic shifts, and technology improvements – makes it virtually impossible for any other outcome than an historic, global economic depression.


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