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Gold And Silver – Greece Needs Money? Money DOES NOT EXIST! / Michael Noonan / J

All the world is indeed a stage, and what is unfolding is a worsening tragicomedy, and it is under the direction of the elites through their debt enslavement [un]known by the world as fiat currency.  The unelected “officials” in the EU are the equivalent of Keystone Kops.  In fact, that is also true even of elected officials.  They are all a bunch of clowns in charge of the circus called government.

There is a very high probability that what has been unfolding in Greece will eventually be in your own government, so pay close attention to the outcome of how the bankers are choking the economic life out of the Greek people, and as events have unfolded, it appears that Tsipras has caved into the moneychanger’s demands in exchange for a bailout.  This is totally contrary to the outcome of the referendum wherein Greeks voted OXI for accepting the unacceptable financial impositions on Greek citizens.

One huge obvious lesson that escapes people throughout the Western world is that voting does not matter.  In the end, the bankers rule and get their way, and people have no say.
What is always at the bottom line for all decisions?  Money, and guess what?  Very few people have the slightest clue what “money” is.  That is the central tragedy around the globe.

Here is a legal definition from Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition:


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